Garden, Street and Driveway Planters

BMC’s  Just Planters design and manufacture a wide range of planters. For the garden, driveway and street. We are a leading specialist supplier to the exterior and interior garden, street and roof tops.

Our products feature in numerous schemes UK wide for corporations, public authorities, and private residences.

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Just Planters manufacture street planters with a small but energetic and highly efficient team of 8 people BMC Engineering also maufacture, railings, balconies, stair rails, structural steel-work, architectural iron and steel work.

BMC design and manufacture the widest range of planters available in the UK.  Our range are attractive and unique. stylish designs and are manufactured in-house from cast iron, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Just Street Planters

Perfect plants In public places, keeping your displays eye-catching colourful and well conditioned. As the UK’s largest, most successful suppliers. Container gardening with urban planters. These containers can be used to grow your own in rooftop gardens, patios and balconies.